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Studies on responsible investing (RI) have confirmed that businesses with stringent environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices often achieve better financial results1 2.

This trend has only increased now that institutional investors have begun to see the potential in responsible investments, and today RI accounts for nearly 76% of institutional assets in Canada3.

Retail investors are increasingly aware of ESG issues, and most are ready to invest a portion of their portfolios in RI4.

It’s time we start talking about it!

Responsible investments are key to powering your portfolio

  • Potentially positive impact on returns

    In 90 % of cases, factoring in ESG has a neutral or positive impact on returns.

    The returns on responsible investments are just as good–and sometimes better–as those on traditional investments.

    In 90% of instances, factoring in ESG had a neutral or positive impact on returns, according to an analysis of 2000 studies published since 19705.

  • Investments that target results

    The Jantzi Social Index performed better than the traditional S&P TSX index.

    The RI Jantzi Social Index8 tends to surpass the traditional S&P/TSX 606 7 index.

    When you look at the long-term performance numbers, it’s clear that responsible investment products are a wise choice.

  • A sustained growth (in$B)

    In 2018, responsible investment accounts for 50.6% of Canada's investment sector.

    RI now represents 50.6% of Canada's investment industry9.

    82% of investors would like to invest in RI and a majority of them said they would like more than half of their portfolio allocated to RI4.

Desjardins, a leader in responsible investing

As a leader in the field, Desjardins offers one of the most comprehensive lines of responsible investment products in Canada. Offer your clients portfolios that consist entirely of responsible investments and aim for sustainable returns.

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